Some things are darker than you believe.

When the world turned dark, and all light was extinguished, the people of the world believed the Gods had abandoned them. The time was ripe for for worst sort of folks such as bandits and thieves, and even monsters to roam the land, pillaging everything in their path. Behind a city’s walls were the only safe places one could be. But most people who already lived outside those cities were too terrified to attempt the journey in complete darkness. Some that did may bave made it, but without the stars to guide the way or candles to illuminate a map, most that did leave their homes were lost. It did not take long for the cities to lock their gates up tight.

Then, two weeks after it began and just as suddenly, it was over. The sun gleemed its light once again. People rejoiced for entire days at a time, until it was discovered that all was not as it was before. Strange new areas had suddenly sprung up. Mountains had seemingly moved from the south to the north. Forests had turned into rainforests, tundras to deserts, and various landmarks simply vanished. The cities once again locked up their gates. Smaller towns and villages were cut off, if not already abandoned outright. Bandits ransacked settlements still occupied and the survivors fled to the closed off cities. Refugee camps sprung up around the walls, people tried to find ways into the cities, with little success.

But the situation was more dire than initially thought. As the world around these civilized lands changed, allies were cutoff or vanished entirely; trade ships and caravans stopped arriving at the cities. Rationing was adopted in these places as desperation sank in. Those ruling over the people in the cities tried to suppress the panic and fear. Each city tried to come up with ideas for how to solve this problem.

Dark Pretense

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